Craving for a power-packed financial drama? Watch the Movie ‘Equity’


Director Meera Menon in her movie ‘Equity’ showcases a financial drama through the entangling lives of three women who want to make it big at Wall Street. In the one hour forty minutes, the screenwriter takes you on a journey filled with lies, deception, the struggle of a woman in the financial world and of course our very favorite stock market!

By the end of this article, we’ll get ideas about two very important catches from this Movie. One is what IPO’s are and how they can go wrong? And the struggle that women today have to go through to make it big in the dense financial world.

Movie Synopsis

The protagonist Naomi Bishop (Anna Gun) is a hotshot investment banker who deals with making companies public, in other words, IPO’s (Initial Public Offering). She has been shown as a loyal and an honest worker but is ruthless in her business. She is portrayed as someone who is ambitious and desirous of wealth and control.

In the movie, she deals with an IPO of an emerging tech firm ‘Cachet’ run by a young obnoxious hoodie donning guy. Even after taking care of each and every finest detail, she leaves a weak link with her assistant, who sabotages the whole process by revealing some secrets about the company to Naomi’s boyfriend. Ironically, in the end, it is Naomi who loses her job and her assistant takes her place.

Now two questions might arise in your mind ..

What is an IPO? How can it go wrong?

IPO is described as a company’s coming out party. Several virtual pieces of company (like pieces of cake) are kept in the market, so that people can buy them and become rich and happy once the company progresses. Opening-up your company can bring in a flood of capital, but then it is also exposed to a greater risk of being affected by the vagaries of stock market, public scrutiny and cranky shareholders. The most obvious reason why companies do this is to raise money based on the expectations of future success and profit.

IPO requires a long, expensive and complicated process. The company ropes in an underwriting firm or investment bank, to help determine the best type of security to issue, offering price, number of shares and time frame for the market offering. Investment banks may falter in this process of valuation of the company due to many factors – diversity in IPO valuation methods, ambiguity in business perception, interim developments, lack of transparency etc. This is exactly what happened in the movie!

Women at Wall Street

Recently, there has been an increasing demand for jobs by women, specifically to manage money. With increasing competition in the banking business, where everyone is trying to find a footing, jobs for females as compared to their male cohorts’ lags. This is true both at intern and at the executive level. The reasons might be varied, ranging from social stigma, male chauvinism, ineffective recruiting and absence of accommodation for women who leave to care for children.

The situation has improved in the past decade, but the society still needs to go a long way before the only criteria to appoint someone for a job depends only on his/her skills and nothing else.

The movie captures all these ideas in a very cohesive manner. It opens a refreshing and shows that women can be just as cold-hearted as men when it comes to conducting business. Watch it this weekend and decide for your own!