Hilarious Cartoons On The Nirav Modi Scam


The 11000 Crore scam by Nirav Modi has left the nation speechless. Although Nirav Modi has fled the country and is untraceable, our cartoonists are doing a fine job of exposing him and the surfacing weaknesses of our banking system. Below are some of the latest cartoon tweets to tickle your funny bone:

While the Modi government was setting the stage for 2019 elections, another Modi has left a dent on the banking system’s and hence government’s efficiency.

The above two cartoons ridicule that the 11,000 crore scam happened using the instrument of Letter of Undertaking.


The trend is shifting to white collar individuals smartly looting the banks.

Looks like, someone’s having fun!

Scams of such scale raise many questions in the minds of law abiding citizens and makes it more difficult for them to trust the system and its governance.

Author | Akanksha Goel