Investments Lessons From Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is everything from epic battles, rivalries, treachery, political intrigue to dragons emitting fire. But, while the show offers all of that, you can learn investment lessons too while binge watching your favourite TV show!

  1. Winter is Coming:

This House Stark banner reminds us to be prepared for the worst, for the impending retirement that is sure to come in everybody’s life. It is important to invest in the right kind of retirement plans from the very beginning. Unless prepared for well in advance, defeating the White Walkers (i.e. retirement) is no mean task.

  1. A Lannister Always pays His Debts:

The famous Lannister quote is very relevant for all times to come. Today everybody takes loans whether it is a home, auto or an  education loan. One should always pay one’s debts well in time and take loan amounts, which can be returned in the future. In long term, paying all debts is the safer survival strategy.

  1. The Iron Bank Will Have its Due:

Come what may, the Iron Bank, the most powerful financial institution that finances everything will ultimately take what is due. Similarly, as an investor you need to be careful of the Central Bank i.e. RBI, that controls all the fiscal and monetary policies. Any policy changes can determine the direction of your earnings.

  1. In the Game of Thrones, You Either Win or Die:

It is a game where the final result is that you win or die. Similarly in the world of investments, in equity markets, in Initial Public Offerings, where the stakes are very high, the end result is either heavy profits or very heavy losses. Hence, you need to make the right calculation and predictions, to turn the tables in your favor.

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Akanksha Goel