7 Best Finance Apps

  1. Moneycontrol:For all the share market and mutual fund players out there, moneycontrol is a very useful app. You can create your watchlist and monitor the fluctuations daily. Similarly you can create your portfolio and monitor its progress. The app also has a discussion portal where people keep discussing about the market trends and when to buy or sell. It is currently available on both iOS and Android devices. You can also view news related to a particular share.
  2. Chillr:It is a multi bank app which works with 44 banks. You can make instant money transfers, recharges and utility bill payments directly from your bank accounts. You dont need to transfer your money to a third party wallet. It is available on both iOS and android devices.
  3. Spending Tracker:You can use this app to keep a track record of all your expenses. You can use flexible time periods like weekly, monthly or yearly. You can also sort your expenses by date, time or amount. There is an option to categorise your expenses by creating categories. It is available on both iOS and android devices.
  4. myCAMS:You can use myCAMS app to view all your holdings of mutual funds (those mutual funds which are serviced by CAMS) at one place. You can check the current market value of your holdings. You can invest in a new fund, switch your money from one fund to other and also redeem it. It is available on both iOS and android devices.
  5. KTrack: For those mutual funds that are not serviced by CAMS, you can download Karvy’s APP by the name of KTrack and perform all the above mention functions.
  6. Splitwise:Splitwise is an amazing app to keep track of all the shared expenses in a group. You can create multiple groups on the app. It is not essential to divide the expense equally among all the group members, you can customise who has to pay how much share. Once you have paid your share (you can not make payments through this app), you can settle your debts on the group created on Splitwise. It is available on both iOS and android devices.
  7. EMI Calculator- Loan and Finance Planner:This simple app lets you calculate your monthly EMI and view payment schedules. The payment split up is represented in a table form. You can also generate charts instantly that show principal amount, interest rate and remaining balance per month. You can also share the PDF EMI schedule with anyone through this app. It is available on both iOS and android devices.

    Akanksha Goel