MONEY MONSTER: Important Lessons From The Movie


Ever watched a thriller film that has not only kept you at the edge of your seats, but at the same time swooped in your subconscious mind, some of the best lessons one would otherwise learn only through experience? Well, here’s the blockbuster for you. Get a grasp of what the movie is all about through this breathtaking trailer!


MONEY MONSTER is a 2016 American film starring three-time Golden Globe Award and the prestigious Academy Award winners George Clooney and Julia Roberts, and Jack O’Connell, playing major roles, apart from the extensive line of cast and crew. We see Lee Gates (played by George Clooney) as the host of a financial show named Money Monster that advises on stock picks and investments. This man with this dicey job sees himself being taken hostage on his own set that poses a threat to his life and reputation, since the entire incident, wherein the show is accused of being rigged, is telecasted live on air. Not only is the movie awe-inspiring, it has some very crucial points to be put forward for its audience. Let’s get into discussing those vital points.


Stock tips are supposed to be taken as tips or advices only and not a guarantee of anything. The acknowledgement of this simple but utmost important lesson can prevent you from going through the misfortune we see Kyle Budwell (played by Jack O’Connell) going through in the film, who lost all his life money i.e. $60000, in one go, based on a promising investment tip. Implementing on mere hearsay or a convincing stock tip can prove to be catastrophic. This is why due diligence regarding the investment on each investors’ part is essential before he/she seeks to act on such advice. Apart from this, one very important point to be kept in mind is that the stock market is erratic, not definitive.

Ibis’s stock tanked from $75 a share to $8.5 in no time


Growing finances require better management too. As soon as you start earning and saving, you must get down to allocating your surpluses among the best available investment options that are suitable for you and in accordance with your risk profile. In Money Monster, we see Kyle Budwell getting a hefty sum of $60,000 from his deceased mother; hefty because it was too much for him to handle. We may say so because he failed miserably at not only investing this amount to gain more, but could not protect his capital as well. He invested the entire amount in a company named Ibis Clear Capital solely based on a TV show’s recommendation. Well, we should not be glad to acknowledge the ramifications thereafter. What we should be glad to know is that he is not the only one out there to have experienced something like this. Many people even in today’s world fail to diversify their investments, focusing all their accumulated savings only in FDs or their savings account. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to investing is that one should never keep all the eggs in one basket. No investment is perfectly safe and diversification is a requisite for wealth creation, irrespective of how promising it portrays itself to be.


We see Diane Lester (played by Caitriona Balfe), Chief Communications Officer at Ibis Clear Capital, rising to the occasion in the absence of the CEO, when Gates was taken hostage on air and the assailant, Kyle demanded an answer from Ibis on its poignant situation. This was a courageous move on her part, however, her words weren’t convincing or conclusive. A crisis situation cannot be explained by the words “We don’t know” because today’s demanding and savvy investors are not willing to buy that. At such a moment, one should come forward with answers that are actually some real ones or act as a quick fix, otherwise aggravating the prevailing situation.

Diane Lester in reaction to her “We don’t know” statement on air


Walt Camby (played by Dominic West), CEO of Ibis Clear Capital risked a huge chunk of his very own publicly listed company with the objective of wrongful gains. He secretively took away and invested $800 million of Ibis’s money in a listed mining company in South Africa, whose stock price had plummeted from the strikes carried out by the workers there. Camby had the intention of bribing the union leader with the purpose of ending the strike thereby increasing the company’s share price and turning his investment into billions of dollars. Little did he know that not every man is corrupt. Well, he is not to blame for this fault of his because a person who is unethical thinks that everyone is cut from the same cloth. When this backfired, his investment went down the toilet and he was left nowhere to go. Greed had the better of Walt Camby and his company Ibis Clear Capital. He had Ibis going through a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation, violations of which could carry heavy civil and criminal penalties. His company and reputation were stained, so was his money. No matter what a corporate genius you are, one imbecilic move can ruin everything overnight. In this case, it was not only Walt who was suffering but hundreds of Kyle(s) who lost their funds all in one go. Never let materialism ruin what you have, and never let it overpower your principles.


Life is not always about money. We see how Kyle Budwell was pathetically sworn at by his girlfriend on live television. Of course, his ignorance and lack of planning led to the money left with him by his mother go down the drain, but that was not it. He was accused of being useless, taking no responsibilities, and then after all of this, coming up with a good for nothing plan of bombing the show’s set taking Lee hostage. His girlfriend, who was seven months pregnant, never showed any signs of respect or mercy towards him, even on air. In fact, all one could see was animosity and annoyance. We do not witness a detailed portrayal of their relationship, but we can infer from the film that it is not only the materialistic things in life that matter. The reality is actually divulged when there is no money, as is the case here. We see Kyle ends up losing his life, giving up on all hopes, only to leave his girlfriend and child alone. So instead of taking some inane haste decisions that we might regret later, we should figure out solutions to our problems after careful thought and shrewd advice, especially from our close ones, because they will be the ones standing behind us when everyone else is right in front.

Kyle being sworn at by his girlfriend

Intrigued much? What would you have done if you were Diane Lester, or Kyle Budwell, or Walt Camby? Could there be a better way to get through this situation? Get your thinking caps on while you sit back and appreciate the thrill the movie has on offer.