Rewards & Recognition

We reward our columnists in the following manner:-

Rewarding Regularity:

We select the most active columnist for every quarter (quarter beginning on June 1, 2018) and reward him/ her with an Amazon voucher of Rs. 250. If any columnist gets this reward consecutively for three quarters then he/ she will get 3x Reward i.e. an Amazon Voucher of Rs. 750.

Rewarding Quality:

We reward one best article out of every 7 articles published on or after 11 June 2018 with an Amazon voucher of Rs. 150. Any author who receives the best article reward thrice consecutively would be getting an additional 3x reward i.e. an Amazon voucher of Rs. 450.

Referral Program: 

Tell your friends about InvestXP and if they are interested in joining they may send their CV with a sample article on If they get selected, you will be rewarded with an Amazon voucher of Rs. 250 for every successful referral. The referral would be credited once the selected candidate has contributed at least 5 articles on the website.

Recent Winners:

Best Articles

Effects of Nirav Modi Scam on Indian Economy | Ranu Jain

E-commerce in India – The Road Ahead | Arpit Lahoty

Is the minimum support price compromising agricultural exports? | K.S. Arsh

Most Active Columnist

Kshitij Chitransh

Congratulations to all the winners!